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      The International office is an administrative division with responsibility for the foreign affairs of Dalian University of Technology. It’s responsible for the exchange and cooperation with international educational institutions, faculty dispatch, long term and short term international visitors, enrollment of international students.

      With the guidance of the leaders of the University, the International office acting as a bridge for international relationship, dynamically organize and coordinate the colleges and divisions throughout DUT to promote various exchange and cooperation with external higher institutions and research agencies.

      The International office has three sections: the Section for international exchanges, the Section for faculty dispatch, the section for Foreign Experts.

      We should insist and extend to be open to the outside world so as to strengthen international exchange and cooperation and we’ll spare no efforts in making Dalian University of Technology a world famous and internationalized higher institution with high reputation.


      To plan and organize international Affairs of DUT

      In charge of the internationalization fund of DUT

      Verification and management of teachers, staff and students going abroad

      Invitation and management of foreign experts, including honorary and visiting professors

      Application, management and implementation of International Cooperation Programs

      Application and management of international conference held domestically

      Administration of international exchange and joint programs

      Recruitment and administration of international students

      Reception for visiting delegations from aboard

      To establish and develop cooperation with international universities, and institutions

      Management of Introducing Foreign Intelligence Program

      Administration of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan affairs

      Contact us

      ?    Address:No.2 Linggong Road Hi-Tech Zone,Dalian, P.R. China

      ?    ZipCode:116024

      ?    Tel:86-0411-84708191

      ?    Fax:86-0411-84707983

      ?    Email:dutfao@dlut.edu.cn

      ?       Directors

      Name:      Mr. Zhao Shengchuan

      Position:  Director

      Tel:           86-411-84708704

      E-mail:    szhao@dlut.edu.cn

      Responsibility: Overall administration of International Office with the focus on the promotion of international exchanges and cooperation/ Internationalization Fund


      Name:     Mr. Chen Hongjun

      Position: Deputy Director

      Tel:          86-411-84707801

      E-mail:    chenhj@dlut.edu.cn  

      Responsibility: Taking charge of international cooperation and exchanges, collaborative programs, student programs, sino-foreign joint school operation, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan affairs and information construction


      Name:     Ms. Zhang Jianhong

      Position: Deputy Director

      Tel:          86-411-84707369

      E-mail:    zhjh@dlut.edu.cn

      Responsibility: Taking charge of verification of teachers, staff and students going abroad, Expertise-Introduction Project, DUT Internationalization Fundthe related affairs of international conference and foreign teachers



      ?       Administrative Office

      Name:     Ms. Pan Guangxian

      Position: Administrator

      Tel:          86-411-84708702

      E-mail:    faopc@dlut.edu.cn

      Responsibility: Taking charge of office daily routine, National government study abroad programs


      ?       The Section of International Exchanges

      Name:      Ms. Wang Jue

      Position:  Section Chief

      Tel:           86-411-84708191

      E-mail:    wangjue@dlut.edu.cn

      Responsibility: Coordination of international exchanges, making arrangements for the foreign visitors, student programs, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan affairs , Japanese interpreter


      Name:     Ms. Wang Lian

      Position: program coordinator

      Tel:          86-411-84706195

      E-mail:    wanglian@dlut.edu.cn

      Responsibility: The honorary/visiting professors’ affairs, foreign teachers, Student programs


      Name:     Ms. Meng Linxi

      Position:  program coordinator

      Tel:           86-411-84706354

      E-mail:    dutfao@dlut.edu.cn

      Responsibility: International visit reception, student programs, English interpreter


      Name:     Mr.Pan Shumeng

      Position:  program coordinator

      Tel:           86-411-84706354

      E-mail:     dutio@dlut.edu.cn

      Responsibility: temporarily off post


      Name:     Ms. Cui  Zijuan

      Position:  program coordinator

      Tel:           86-411-84707463

      E-mail:    cuizijuan@dlut.edu.cn

      Responsibility: International visit reception, student programs, English interpreter


      Name:     Ms. Xin Xu

      Position:  program coordinator

      Tel:           86-411-84706354

      E-mail:    cindy.xin@dlut.edu.cn

      Responsibility: International visit reception, International Summer School program, English interpreter


      Name:     Ms.Qu Yuan

      Position:  program coordinator

      Tel:           86-411-84708191

      E-mail:    quyuan@dlut.edu.cn

      Responsibility: International visit reception, student programs, Japanese interpreter


      Name:     Ms.Liu Chang

      Position:  program assistant

      Tel:           86-411-84708141

      E-mail:     dutio@dlut.edu.cn 

      Responsibility: Assisting with International visit reception, Japanese interpreter


      Name:     Mr.Zhang Helun

      Position:  program assistant

      Tel:           86-411-84707463

      E-mail:    dutio@dlut.edu.cn

      Responsibility: Assisting with student programs, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan affairs


      ?       The Section of Foreign experts

      Name:     Ms. Wang Yuedan

      Position:  Section Chief

      Tel:           86-411-84706141

      E-mail:    gjhz@dlut.edu.cn

      Responsibility: Foreign experts affairs, Expertise-Introduction Project, DUT Internationalization Fund and international conference, Website maintenance and update


      ?         The Section of Border Dispatch

      Name:     Mr. Li Gang

      Position:  Section Chief

      Tel:           86-411-84706141

      E-mail:     cgcj@dlut.edu.cn

      Responsibility: Helping with all the paperwork of internal students, staff and faculty members to go abroad, Passport & Visa Applications (short-term type)


      Name:     Ms. Lv Yue

      Position:  program collaborator

      Tel:           86-411-84706141

      E-mail:    gjcbgs@dlut.edu.cn

      Responsibility: Assisting with all the paperwork of internal students, staff and faculty members to go abroad



      Name:     Ms. Niu xiaochun

      Position:  Deputy Director

      Responsibility: Taking charge of the affairs of Confucius Institute at the United States