Dalian University of Technology
    • DUT Honorary Professor List
      Number Name Country Position Date of employment
      1 Takashi Mukaibo Japan Japanese chemist and nuclear engineer.

      Appointed as the first science attaché at the Embassy of Japan in Washington D.C. in 1954.After returning to Japan, he became dean of the School of Engineering of the University of Tokyo.He served as the university’s president from 1977 to 1981.Served as chairman of the Japan Atomic Industrial Forum from 1992 to 2000

      2 THHPIAN USA  Professor, Department of Aerospace Engineering, MIT 1985-07-09
      3 OKAMOTO SHUNXO Japan Special Committee of Japan’s Central Disaster Prevention Conference Member of Department of Science and Technology 1985-09-25
      4 Wilkelm Keim Germany Director, Research Institute of The chemical and petrochemical industry, RWTH Aachen University 1987-08-21
      5 Olgied C.Zien Kiewicz UK Professor, Director, Department of Civil Engineering, Swansea University 1987-12-01
      6 NMDehousse Belgium President,
      University of Liège
      7 Kurt Hedden Germany Director, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Karlsruhe 1989-10-07
      8 Auan S.Hay USA/Canada Chairman of NSERC, Member of New York Science Academy, Member of American Association for the Advancement of Science 1992-09-14
      9 Zhang Youqi Hong Kong President, Professor,
      Civil and Structural Engineering Department,
      University of Hong Kong
      10 Qiu Chengtong USA Department of Mathematics, Harvard University 2002-07-01
      11 Roderick Wang Canada Professor,
      Department of Mathematics,
      City University of Hong Kong
      12 Fukusako Tatsuih Japan School of Electrical Engineering, Tunghai University 1993-09-20
      13 William Gexaint Price Uk Director of Department of Marine Sciences, Vice Dean of College of Applied Science and Engineering, University of Southampton 1996-09-23
      14 Niels Olhoff Denmark Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Aalborg University 1996-10-03
      15 网干寿夫 Japan Honorary Professor, Hiroshima University  
      16 HIRO HIROYASU Japan Combustion Engineering, Hiroshima University 1998-03-06
      17 Lin Mong King Singapore Vice President, Nanyang Technological University  1998-07-08
      18 Shigeo Asai Japan Professor, Nagoya University,
      Member of Japanese Academy of Engineering
      19 Liang Jiehua Hong Kong Famous Painter in Hong Kong 1998-05-22
      20 Kon Do Dadao Japan Chairman, Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd. 1999-06-01
      21 Roland W.lEWIS UK Director, Department of Mechanical Engineering, 威尔士斯大学
      Member of Royal Academy of Engineering
      22 CHEN-NAN TSAI  Taiwan Chairman, Taiwan Guoxin group 1999-11-16
      23 Yamamoto Tetsuya Japan 株式会社东芝代表、董事副社长、业务革命新委员会委员 2000-08-10
      24 Wang Fengsan USA Honorary chairman,
      IET Fund
      25 Pr.Antonins Kettrup Germany Research Institute of Ecological Chemistry,
      The German National Environment and Science Research Center 
      26 Inoue Akihisa Japan Officer,
      Ministry of Education
      27 Hans.WolfReinhardt. Germany Director,
      Research Institute of Constructional Material,
      University Stuttgart
      28 Walter.Lukas Austria Member of Academia Europaea (The Academy of Europe) 2002-07-09
      29 Yasuhiko ARAKAWA Japan Director of Nano Electronics Research Center,
      Production Technology Research Institute, Tokyo University
      30 Roel Prins Netherlands Director , ETH Industrial Chemistry Laboratory 2004-05-10
      31 Murry Moo-Young Cananda Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Waterloo 2004-09-17
      32 Charles Micheal Walton USA Member of American Academy of Engineering
      Tenured professor, Department of Civil Engineering, and LyndonB.Johnson School of Public Affairs, University of Texas
      33 Katsutoshi Ohata Japan Honorary Professor, Tokyo University, Professor,
      Toyo University
      34 Avram Hershko Isral Professor, Israel Institute of Technology, Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2005-04-23
      35 Franz F. Pischinger Germany Chairman, German FEV  Company  2005-05-13
      36 Bruce Mitchell Canada Executive vice president, Waterloo University 2005-07-04
      37 Matsuo Tomonori Japan President, Toyo University 2005-09-17
      38 Yamamoto Yoshinori Japan Director, Giant Molecular Analytical Research Center, Tohoku University 2006-10-23
      39 Moon Sang Heup Korea Chairman,
      Korea Chemical Association
      40 Borje Johansson Sweden Professor, Royal Institute of Technology,
      Member of Committee of Nobel Prize in Physics
      41 Anders Flodstrom Sweden President, Royal Institute of Technology 2006-09-16
      42 Bernard Schrefler Italy Professor, Structural Engineering, University of Padua 2007-08-15
      43 Brian Butterworth UK Professor, University College London 2007-05-28
      44 Muragami Japan Chairman, Chief Cooperation Consultant, Nomura Research Institute  2007-06-22
      45 George Oster  USA Professor,
      Member of American Science Academy
      46 Ferdi  Schuth Germany Vice President, The German Academic Research Association 2007-07-22
      47 Craig Barrett USA Chairman, Intel 2007-09-07
      48 Jeffrey Schwartz USA Chairman, CEO,
      49 Cheuk-Yin Wong USA Member of Overseas Chinese Council 2007-09-30
      50 Roeland Baets Belgium Professor, College of Engineering, Ghent University 2007-11-07
      51 Volker Schindler Germany Director, Department of Machinery and Transportation, Technical University of Berlin 2007-12-12
      52 Fujikawa Yuji Japan Director, College of Engineering, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology 2008-04-22
      53 Hiromasa Yonekura Japan Chairman, Sumitomo Chemical 2008-06-23
      54 Mamori Suzuki Japan
      President, Gunma University
      55 Ryoji Noyori Japan Chairman, Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, Winner of Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2009-03-03
      56 Gilbert J.Declerck Belgium Chairman, CEO of IMEC  2009-03-17
      57 Richard Syms UK Professor, Imperial College, Director of Photoelectric Semiconductor Research Institute,
      Member of Royal Academy of Engineering
      58 Eugene Garfield USA Chairman, Scientist, Ltd. 2009-07-26
      59 Ted Belytschko USA Professor, Illinois Institute of Technology,
      Consultant, ASCE
      60 Ei-ichi Negishi Japan Professor, Organic Chemistry, Purdue University, Winner of Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2011-03-01
      61 Akira Suzuki Japan Honorary Professor
      Hokkaido Universiity
      Winner of Nobel Prize in Chemistry
      62 Yuri N. Kulchin Russia Vice Dean, Russian Science Academy远东分院 2011-04-21
      63 Eric Y. T. Chuo Taiwan Chairman, HIWIN TEC 2011-12-05
      64 Steve Fuller USA Professor, Department of Sociology, The University of Warwick
      Member of Social Science Academy,
      Member of Royal Academy of Arts
      65 Farhad Ansari USA Professor, Director, Civil engineering and Materials Engineering Department, University of Illinois at Chicago 2012-06-02
      66 Daisaku Ikeda  Japan President,
      Soka Gakkai International