Dalian University of Technology
    • Life In Dalian



      There are various restaurants both on campus and around campus. The areas close to west gate and north gate are more popular. You could also go to students’ dining halls and pay by cash.



      -Banking and Shopping


      There are many banks near the university, Including: Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank and Agricultural Bank of China. Please note that your salary can only be put in the account of the China Construction Bank near the west gate. There are several shops on campus and in the university district. There are also 6 buses that depart from campus for Dalian’s best shopping centers.



      -Medical Treatment
      For less serious illness one can go to the on campus hospital while the second attached hospital to Dalian Medicine University (Buses No.23, 901 and 406 can reach the hospital.) is available for the acute and serious diseases.

      -Transportation and Communications
      The university is 14 kilometers outside of the city center, that is, 30-35 minutes taking buses No. 23, 901 and 406, or 20 minutes by taxi. It takes 15 minutes by taxi to reach Dalian International Airport, which is approximately 12 kilometers away. There is internet access and direct dial telephone in the apartment. Letters may be sent to the the apartment or the international office. There is a post office at the west gate of the campus where express mail and packages may be delivered.



      -Learning Chinese


      If you are interested in Chinese and want to take standard Mandarin courses, you could go to the School of International Cultural and Exchanges.



      Living Guidance