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    About Teaching in the English Language Department
    Working periods per term
    320 periods per term. Each period lasts 45 minutes. Due to the nature of the curriculum, there is the possibility of different workloads for each week, with fewer periods for some and more for others. It is possible to have classes on weekends, but a two-day recess is available.
    Courses to be taught
    English Writing, English Reading, English Speaking, Public Speech/Speaking, American History and Politics, British History and Politics, European History and Politics, American & British ArchitectureMusic & Painting, European ArchitectureMusic & Painting, British Society and CultureAmerican Society and CultureEuropean Society and Culture, History of Western Civilization, World Literature, Drama Performance, College English, Critical Reading & Writing (General), Oral English Communication (General ), Oral English Communication (Academic), Critical Reading & Writing (Academic )(for master and doctoral students).
    Among them,College Englishhave designated textbooks. As for the other courses, teaching materials are to be compiled and for the time being foreign lecturers and experts are expected to collect and edit their own materials for classroom teaching and homework assignments.
    Class Size
    20 to 40 full-time university students per class
    Students to teach
    undergraduates majoring inEnglish, undergraduates inEnglish Intensive Classes, undergraduates studying forDual Degrees, undergraduates of various science and engineering majors,master and?& doctoral students of various science and engineering majors.
    Overtime Pay
    In situations when a lecturer/Professor of English falls ill or fails to fulfill their teaching assignment due to some unexpected occurrences, your extra help would be appreciated and your overtime work would be paid if you agree to help us to tide over the difficulty.?
    Teaching Coordinator
    Each foreign lecturer and expert will have a Chinese teacher of English as theTeaching Coordinator, who will help with the understanding of the teaching-related regulations of the university.
    There is an independent office exclusively for foreign lecturer and experts in the building where the School of Foreign Languages is based, equipped with a printer and computers with Internet connection. And there is also a?photocopy room for the faculty in the same building.

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